Mental Health in Media: Creating a New Social Paradigm.


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Mental Health In Media

Discussing Mental Health in Media Can Change Lives

Mental health is an important part of our lives and is detrimental to growth and development. 

Fortunately, people have started to pay more attention to their mental health well-being and individual identity. 

On an individual level, people have started to give more cognizance to their thought and emotions, and we now work to improve our peace of mind at our own capacity. 

Subsequently, discussing mental health in media openly may lead to apprehensive minds opening up about their struggles and acknowledging their weak spots.

 Moreover, psychoeducating the general mass through a large outlet will help change the vox populi of our society – that still is unable to acknowledge the importance of mental health and freedom from chronic stress. 

When to come out of hiding
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Why Mental Health Should Be Discussed. 

In society, “stress” and “anxiety” are viewed as daily tonics one must accept to endure the struggles of life. The toxic “Hustle Culture” has poisoned the very notion of a work-life balance and peace of mind. 

As of this moment, I believe it is paramount to discuss the importance of mental health in media and help advocate proper health care advice through the right channels. 

Financial Success, optimum performance at work, and efficient problem-solving are qualities that one can master only if one is attuned with himself. 

Suppressing anxiety, pain, depression, and other chronic mental health illnesses will not make them go away. On the contrary, they will only fester the already hurting wounds that we carry. 

Creating a New Social Paradigm

Our society needs individuals willing to fight the taboo and discuss their struggles, shortcomings, and hardships openly – backed by professional guidance and counsellors who are willing to oversee the content that is widely being discussed. 

We at Youth Aspiring are seeking out warriors willing to share their stories and how they tackled the obstacles life threw at them. 

Changes can only be made if we join hands and actively work to make the world a better place by uniting and forming a chain of bravehearts who have a penchant for growth. 

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