Youth’s struggle toward success- What the youth needs to succeed


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Youths Struggle Towards Success

Society always says that Youth is the promise of tomorrow. But do people know the struggle and experiences the youth go through to reach their goals? Especially during this Covid time, Youth’s struggle towards success is a very important topic. It is difficult to deny the steadily moving view of our society that is advancing day by day. In-between all this mess, the youth is trapped.

Youth are the most influential and dynamic group in our society. We can confidently say that the present youngsters are the upcoming trailblazers, developers and leaders of tomorrow. But if they need to achieve this, it is necessary to help them have great well-being, schooling, preparing them for potential chances to change what’s in store for our future.

Major Issues faced by our Youth

The most widely recognised issue the youth face at this period of life is peer pressure. They will be pressurised by different people around them to keep doing certain things, what one would prefer to be away from. Certain individuals fall in this trap and they try hard to act in certain manners that could be useful to portray their image either as intriguing or to scare off others. This should be visible in their resistance towards their older folk’s attempt to provide them guidance. The result of this is that the youth is being pulled back, and they will not achieve their goals. Hence the youths struggles towards success a lot.

Another main issue that youth faces even now is racism and also oppression of certain individuals of different gender, belief or religion and this makes them a victim of inequality which in turn affects their mental well being. Youth will have low confidence and as a result their vision is overthrown by the perspectives of others. Since the present youth are less worried about governmental issues, they are powerless and are utilized in unacceptable activities with misleading charms that bait them into dynamic support.

Sadly in our society, there are numerous youngsters who cannot afford to go to class. They stay unskilled and are disgracefully and brutally constrained into child labour when they should be learning and appreciating life like the remainder of their age bunch. Thus the youth’s struggle towards success.

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Access to information to develop skills

Access to information is expanding, and obtaining knowledge is less important today than before. Despite this, academics stay significant although they are not adequate to be insightful and they do not provide engagement in youngsters. Wherever the youths need to showcase more excellent skills and abilities, they need to assess and use this information in manners that fulfil the needs of our changing society and our economy. Youth’s struggle towards success is due to less access to information they need to develop their skills.

Provide Youth with mentors

The main agenda for preparing youth to attain success in life is to provide them with solid and great mentors. Youth don’t have the slightest care about what you know until they realize you give it a second thought. Research shows youth who were in danger of tumbling off course had a mentor were 55% bound to sign up for school and 78% bound to routinely continue it. Mentors play major significance in teaching and guiding principles and fundamental abilities to youth. Thus we can bridge the gap between success and the youth’s struggle toward success.

What does the youth intend to accomplish?

Figuring out how to set goals is an important concept the youth should keep in mind. However sensible objectives and realistic goals are few important points the youth should figure out in order to be successful. As the youth progresses through time, they learn rules for putting forward achievable objectives and what to do when they experience obstacles.

Youth should build their interpersonal skills.

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How to end the youth’s struggle towards success? Building their interpersonal skills can help them pave way to success. Interpersonal skills empower youth to present themselves appropriately, carry on a discussion, extend regard, request and give assistance, sympathize with others and resolve issues effectively. 

By placing career-based lessons in the educational curriculum, along with guidance from experts will help youth to excel in life. It will empower their profession and will help them transform through learning. Providing and connecting the students with mentors from different businesses can provide great understanding of the corporate world.

Another instance is when children who are financially backward will find it challenging to be active in school or in the work environment. Occasionally, there might be issues like students not having accessibility of resources or learning materials because of family’s level of financial ability.

Youth should have effective learning environment. It should have positive, and empowering learning conditions, no matter what their degree of capacity is of learning.

Drawbacks in the education system

Numerous education systems do not show the ability to problem-solve, resulting in youth’s struggle towards success. Institutions choose the bihearting method for the students to learn. The present work environment is no longer rote. People should have the ability to stay strong and solve a wide range of issues that might come up.

Communication skills rank second in significance below critical thinking skills. This regards skills required for acquiring jobs for the youth in the future.No matter how extraordinary an individual’s thoughts are, if in the event the person in question can’t convey anything, numerous different skills will be of no matter. Youth should be successful at getting their thoughts across both in speaking and in writing. Numerous businesses list writing and talking skills among the top attributes they search for in new hires. Young individuals ought to work on writing and talking until they feel open to communication in the work environment.


The role of the youth in the building of our country is very critical. The youth have a positive impact on other youngsters and the nation. They can make an identity for themselves and can push the country ahead. They can not do this without the help of family, community, and Government. Thus we can minimise the youth’s struggle towards success if they receive the necessary support.




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