AGA Finance is Looking into a Carbon Neutral Token and NFT


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AGA Finance is Looking into a Carbon Neutral Token and NFT

AGA Finance Explores Carbon Neutral Token –

Tomasz Wojewoda, an AGA Finance CEO, stated that they’re looking into alternatives to provide eco-conscious investors with the possibility of earning a passive income.

To get there, he mentioned that one of the first steps they’re working on is getting a Carbon Neutral certification for their bitcoin and liquidity mining.

This announcement was instigated a couple of months after the bitcoin prices plumped due to an Elon Musk tweet. In May, Tesla’s CEO stated that the company would not continue accepting bitcoin as payment due to the environmental pressure that the crypto coin creates.

AGA Finance Deals Into Environmental Friendly Bitcoin-

According to Digiconomist’s Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, Bitcoin has such an impact on the environment (118.9TWh/year) – considering the enormous amount of energy used, it compares to the power consumption of countries like the Netherlands, Pakistan, Sweden or Ukraine.
Bitcoin represents the free market in its most accurate form, as it remains still unregulated. Therefore, it allows miners to use the cheapest form of energy available to mine, which may be different depending on the country.

Alex de Vries, from Digiconomist, stated in an interview with the BBC that disclosing this information and promoting renewables is not enough, as it doesn’t change the fact that miners will still look for the cheapest energy source, regardless of its impact on the environment.

AGA Plans Bitcoin auction-

The effect is so strong that a study published in Nature Climate Change was able to identify that Bitcoin’s emissions alone could push global warming above 2 °C.

AGA Finance is now planning an auction where they’ll be presenting their first WBTC (valued at more than 34(k) USD). This event will also be part of a collaboration between AGA and Electric Coffin, which Sarah May, AGA Finance’s CMO, states because they want to push the boundaries of sustainable mining through a regenerative NFT and token working towards carbon neutrality.

With this, AGA Finance’s mining operation is challenging the industry and its previous status quo for bitcoin and any carbon-neutral token.
The auction will be streaming on Foundation on June 24, and it will be live for 24 hours. For press inquiries, contact [email protected]

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